The Blacklist Returns!



Yes! Is anyone else totally jumping for joy over this? I was counting down the days for the return of NBC’s The Blacklist probably moreso than I was for any other show this season. This winter hiatus crap is for the birds! WARNING! Spoilers to follow!

So the episode starts off (and continues on) with Red hunting down the people that put the hit out on him and took over the FBI compound. Now between my daughter and I, we both agree that we’re on the fence as to his motives. Sure he could have done it because you never cross Red, and he’s going after those who wronged him, but we both agree that we are leaning more towards him doing it because they threated his daughter *coughs* er…um… Agent Keen.

Yea, yea, yea… we know he told her in the mid-season finale that he wasn’t her father, but does anyone really believe that? I sure as hell don’t. But whatever…

Agent Keen goes after The Good Samaritan killer, a case that she had previously worked on, one that haunts her to this day because as a profiler, she couldn’t get a clean profile on him. His killings had no rhyme or reason to her, nothing to connect. And then Daddy … um Red… yea, Red gives her clues and helps her solve the case.

Now, it’s hard not to kind of feel for the guy, I mean he suffered abuse, and he was hurting those that were hurting others, but still, he was a sick man. I did so love the part when Elizabeth tells the last victim that if he hurts his wife again she’ll come after him.

And now… let’s talk about Tom… I still don’t know about this guy. I want to believe… like REALLY believe he’s a good guy and Red is working an angle, and using him as a fall guy, but seriously? Mysterious trip to a place she doesn’t want to move to? Didn’t we already learn that his suspicious trips are coincidentally when homicides tend to happen?

And then Red comes back, bringing with him a new name for the Blacklist!

The episode didn’t disappoint and can I just say, James Spader is a dream, I love him so much in this!




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